All These Things I Haven’t Done

You’ve definitely seen them on Facebook, you’ve probably done one on Facebook. Those “How Many Countries Have You Visited?”, “How Many Foods Have You Eaten?”, “How Many Films Have You Watched?” quizzes that seem to be getting more obscure as the people that make them run out of ideas of what they can ask next.

I’ve done a few in my time and always seem to end up just short of mid-way. I quite like that though. What would you do next if you’ve already done everything? But it does make you think of all the things you haven’t done.

Then recently I’ve realised that I am currently doing a fair few things I have never done before. Which is very exciting. And a bit scary. And made me think of a Killers song (which is always a good thing). Hence the blog title.

I thought that you might like to share in my experiences as my things I haven’t done become my things I have done. It’s all going to be based around a charity project I am doing in Zambia in July. I’ll spare you the details of selling my first house (boring) and having my first filling (painful?), so I hope you enjoy the read, and the photos as they come.

And that’s my first thing I haven’t done become a thing I have done: write a blog.

H x

PS Here’s a Killers treat for you….


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